Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kailash Bird Watching Club Leads Walk for Mono Lake Couple!

The Kailash Hostel Bird Watching Club had a chance to try out their "stuff" with some keen bird watchers from afar! Wangdawa Sherpa and Deanna Dulen and their "auntie-cousin-mother-sister" (relative) Kanchi, were treated to a bird walk led by the Kailash students after school on Monday. They were only partially prepared as this event came a day earlier than they had expected. They did a great job in welcoming the visitors who currently reside in Mono City, California.

The story of Mono Lake is one that these young people have learned about and cherish as an environmental story with a happy ending. It was fun for them to meet Wangdawa, a Nepali who has moved to Mono Lake and Deanna, who is superintendent of Devil's Postpile National Monument on the east side of the Sierra.
Wangdawa and Deanna are visiting Nepal for over a month and just finished a trip led by Wangdawa to his village and around the Solu area for two weeks. The couple were joined by 15 travellers

also from the eastside of the Sierra Nevada mountains in
California. They finished their group trip with four days in Chitwan National Park where we enjoyed some great time with them!
The students took Deanna and Wangdawa and Kanchi on a short walk before it got dark and enjoyed each other's warm company immensely!

Somehow, the hostel gate was decorated with a Mono Lake sticker later that night! Hmmmm....

This was a great experience for the kids to meet some more great people and to have some practice at leadership of their own group. They loved sharing what they know with gracious and interested folks. This experience was so valuable and we all hope to meet again at the short end of a pair of binoculars!

Mystery Bird #4!

Another in flight...I can't resist these.

Black Drongo! Note the rictal spot!


  1. looks like a drongo..... how'd you catch that action???

  2. Okay, I knew the hobby but this one is a bit of a guess...Nepal's answer to a black phoebe?