Thursday, November 17, 2011

Visuals...of a blessed Life!

Art by student Sonam Choekyi

Fire and Ice Pizza Night!

Class 2 at Manasarovar Academy!

Sarah and Marcella at Chobar

Here's one of a really cute Mom and her kids on the local Sundarijal bus on their way home from school. We shared hearty laughs and even a few words of our respective languages. Sweetness...

Pasang Lamo "A" and I in the photo on the right...beautiful bird! Sad "Good-bye"

More to come as I re-enter ....but here are a few early morning thoughts...

As thoughts and memories and a rising tide of emotion floods my being, I think of a simple truth I can't help but embrace in this blessed life...One World. Inevitably I embrace this truth in Yosemite National Park where I am so fortunate to have lived for so long. Can't help but to notice that the boundaries we have drawn around The Park are just our own. I have never seen a bird, frog, bear or even a deer in the line at the entrance station! Surely the air and rain and snow clouds pass right on in and through.

We humans make imaginary lines and borders around ourselves from our personal home real estate to our town, state, country, hemisphere... Our response to/in our world could certainly be limited with these walls we construct.

When I travel and teach kids in another country, it is so apparent that they are kin. We share more than we differ. We laugh and cry at the same things. We want the same things for ourselves and for our families: enough clean, healthy food and water. A future filled with promise. A long and happy life full of friends and family. A healthy planet.

We live in the same place. We breathe the same air. The wind swirls the clouds around and around again with whatever they may carry, from hemisphere to hemisphere. The water we drink today has passed through a thousand bodies of beings all over this Earth.

The birds migrate along with all walks of life forms...north south and every direction, getting their life stories completed.

With that, I have a train to my little village in these mountains that are connected to the ones I just left...More later.

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